Nutricosmetics: Opportunities to Meet Modern Health Needs

The market for ingestible beauty products has had a few starts and stops in Western markets. Is there still potential for growth? This article will assess the market direction for nutricosmetics, demographic targets, their health goals, and product expectations.


Euromonitor, a market research provider, has defined “beauty from within” as “the aggregation of health and wellness foods and beverages (also known as nutricosmetics) developed to promote healthy skin, nails, and hair.”

Beauty products have a long and accepted history in topical applications, and have traditionally been geared toward women. Anti-aging products in general have largely been the domain of an older population. However, many consumers today understand that beauty is more about how they feel than appearance, and the healthier they are, the better they look. This premise has opened up the beauty market to a far broader range of consumers, and has uncovered a unique need that the nutricosmetics industry is ready to meet.

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