Best Tocotrienol Supplement

Vitamin E has powerful free radical scavenging abilities and acts as a powerful antioxidant when consumed and applied directly to the skin. Tocotrienols are one part of the vitamin E family but represent a small fraction of the vitamin E found in commonly consumed foods. The best way to get a high level of tocotrienols in the diet is to supplement.

T3 & Bone Mass

Typically, you would get a small number of different tocotrienols from sources such as vegetable oils, nuts, grains, wheat germ and barley. In these foods, there are four types of tocotrienols, just like their tocopherol counterparts.

Research suggests that tocotrienols possess strong anti-inflammatory effects by modulating key parts of the immune system, which may also be part of the reason why it’s effective at protecting against heart disease.

It’s also been discovered from research that tocotrienols may benefit neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, diabetes and even hair loss in men. And that they may be even more effective than tocopherols for protecting against these diseases.

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